BestSafeCo is a recognised training provider for Working Safely. We offer a wide range of training courses and we can also tailor courses to client’s requirements. Our instructors are a group of safety specialists who offer training programmes meeting the requirements of the Labour Authority in Mexico.

First aid

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Advanced first aid

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Forklift operations

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Operation of fire extinguishers

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Advanced fire fighting trainings

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Safety & environment courses

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Fire Risk Assessments  |  Light and noise level surveys  |  Health and safety committee constitution  |  Personal protection equipment selection procedure  |  Heat stress assessment  |  Risk analysis for boats and oil rigs  |  Civil defence programme  |  Electricity risk assessment  |  Safety courses for the oil industry  |  Courses for management perssonel  |  And much more services. Please contact us for futher information

proteccion civil
higiene industrial


Water, dry and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers, smoke detectors and a sort of emergency lighting.

equipo proteccion

Personal Protective Equiptment

We sell the proper personal protective equiptment that you need for your employees in any sector or job.


Safety Signs

Safety signs in stock and ready acording to the Mexican Regulations. We customise any sign you need. Safety signs can be an absolute essential in protecting people against accidents around the home or the workplace.